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just_faceI’m a climate scientist who studies how the land surface modifies the rest of the coupled Earth system. I am currently a James S. McDonnell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Dynamic and Multi-scale Systems, working with Prof. William Boos at the University of California, Berkeley, and Prof. Martyn Clark at the Coldwater Lab & Center for Hydrology at the Coldwater Lab, University of Saskatchewan in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.  I completed my PhD in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington, in Seattle, WA, USA in 2019, where I worked with Prof. Abigail Swann in the EcoClimate Lab.

I study how changes in the land can drive changes in the both the local atmosphere and the large-scale climate, by modulating fluxes of water and energy between the land and the atmosphere. I use models to test how individual land-surface properties modify energy and water fluxes to the atmosphere, and how those energy flux changes in turn impact atmospheric dynamics and climate, both locally and in regions far away from the initial land change. As part of my PhD work, I developed an idealized land surface model (the Simple Land Interface Model, SLIM) which couples to the Community Earth System Model and allows users to isolate the effect on the Earth system of changes in individual aspects of the land surface.

I am particularly interested in understanding where the atmosphere cares about changes in the land surface, and what particular properties of the land surface it is that the atmosphere cares about. In addition to my main area of research, I greatly enjoy interdisciplinary research collaborations on a wide range of topics, ranging from macrosystems ecology to the study of exoplanets.

My undergraduate education was completed in the Honours Mathematics program at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I started my studies at the University of Washington in 2013, during which time I completed an MSc in Atmospheric Sciences (2016), an MSc in Applied Mathematics (2018), and a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences (2019). In 2019 I started as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, supported by the Dynamic and Multiscale Systems postdoctoral fellowship from the James S. McDonnell Foundation, and in 2021 joined the Coldwater Lab and the Center for Hydrology at the University of Saskatchewan.

Publications and Full CV

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